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The native app on mac and my iPhone kept screwing up transfer of photos. Throw in the cloud and it’s a GD mess. BUT here is an EXCELLENT app to make it happen.Simple and it really works. Get it and your problems transferring are over. I have used it for what, six months, and am totally satisfied. I highly recommend Photo Transfer app.

Dont’ waste your money!!

This app does not work at all! I have a Macbook Pro and Galaxy S4, which is what this app was supposedly designed for, and it didn’t work whatsoever. Absolute waste of money. Don’t get tricked!! I want my money back!

So crummy.

This app is INFURIATING. I’ve had this app for about a year now and when it works, it provides a very useful service. The problem is that it works MAYBE 3% of the time. The other 97% of the time, it is crashing and/or losing its wi-fi connection for seemingly no reason. A job that should take 5-10 minutes often takes well over an hour. It’s way more fuss than it’s worth. Definitely looking for a different app to use for transfering photos in the future.


So practical. The new app extension is phenomenal! Makes it so easy to send photos from Finder directly to the device. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great app

Great for transferring just a single album from iphone to Mac, which iPhoto does not let you do!


This app is amazing. I transferred 621 images from iPad to Mac in under 20 minutes. Works flawlessly.

Poorly Implemented

This app advertises that the user can change the backup destination, which is why I purchased it. My SSD does not have enough capacity to hold my iPhone back up. As it turns out, the screenshots on the website are inaccurate. Users have no ability to change the directory. Multiple emails to the support team went unanswered.

Simple and very effective

I wanted to transfer two photo albums to my Macbook. Believe it or not, the Mac OS does not allow you to sync specific albums to iPhoto or Photos. You can only sync your Camera Roll. And while iTunes allows for syncing specific albums for backup purposes, this doesn’t help if you want access to those albums through iPhoto or Photos. This app does the trick very smoothly!

better than Sync Photos To Storage, but...

… both of them strip away the Created and Modified Date. Unacceptable for archiving purposes. Too bad, this one was almost well-designed.

Great way to transfer Videos and Photos from Mac

This is one of the easiest ways to transfer photos from your Mac over to your iPhone/iPad. I have a camera that takes photos and videos and places them in a non standard naming Scheme I.E. DCIS folder, and I cannot import the photos directly to my iPad pro using the SD card lightening reader from apple. This is the quickest and least roundabout way of placing those photos on the iPad.

What Apple should have done...

This is what Apple should have done: instead of an automatic transfer via PhotoStream which does not always bring photos instantaneously when you need them, and which transfers all photos even if you dont want that, this app is a simple, works-out-of-the-box, no frills, photo transfer application which does what probably most users want. You need to buy the iOS app for it to work with your iPhone or iPad, but its only 2.39 Euros.

Photo Transfer App

Program does exactly that what it’s supposed to do. Fast and without any problems. Worth to download.

Fantastic application

The best way to transfer photos and videos between your devices. Also takes any edits (e.g. crop, brightness adjust etc) to the other device (unlike Apple’s Image Capture which does not). Really easy to use and great functionality. Support is also very helpful. Perfect in every way

Did the job

Kinda slow, but did the job…only can transfer 100 at a time… Only reason I downloaded it was because my Mac cant read my iPhone, and neither can iPhoto… Looked on the web to try to solve the problem, but no help… Thanks Apple, for making me spend 3$ for this app cuz your programs dont work...

Perfect for small amount

Great app to bypass Apple software. Works well, flexible through iMac or HTTP. Cumbersome above 100 pictures (prob an iOS limitation). However the iMac version lets you write over same filename thus not very good… overall satisfied but not ecstatic.

Very slick...

Select the desired photos to transfer. Type in an http address. Start the transfer. Done. Enough said. What else could be easier?

I find it a "must have".

This is a terrific app for moving images to and from my iPad. The app on my MacBook works just as advertised. It even lets you create an album on the iPad when uploading images. I simply cannot find anything to complain about or wish for. It simply makes moving images back and forth trivially easy, and thats just exactly what I want.


Perfect app No problems at all and works like a charm! I have the Touch 5 app also and the transfers are flawless between …. GREAT….and THANK YOU!!!!

Should be included with iOS

Much better and intitive way to get photos onto and out of your iOS device. Simple, intiitive and it works. You can pick just the photos you want to transfer in either direction and in a few taps or clicks its done. Retains all photo metadata too. Good job ERCLab!

Just what you need

This app does one thing and does it very well: it moves your photos and videos around. It moves them from your iOS device to your computer. It moves them back again. Dead simple interface. This is the one you need.

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